Weight Loss

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I never cease to be amazed at weight loss taking place when an individual takes their carefully prescribed Constitutional Homeopathic remedy, even when this was not the original reason for treatment.

Over and over, I watch in amazement as the pounds shed effortlessly, once the correct Homeopathic remedy is taken. This is assuming of course that the patient is actually overweight in the first place.

Whether this is simply the effect of increased energy and optimism, and the natural increase in movement and exercise that seems to follow inexplicably. Or the result of a balance in hormones, metabolism and increased vitality from Homeopathic Constitutional treatment. These patients are continually describing to me that weight that had seemed stuck for years has seemed to melt away.

One of the most important confirmations of the correct Homeopathic remedy is a relief from anxiety and depression, and insomnia, which can also play a role in overeating as a coping mechanism.

Interestingly, my patients who are underweight will often begin to gain weight, again showing balance and increased vitality and health once the correct Homeopathic remedy is taken.

I would love to hear more stories about anyone who has experienced ease of weight loss with proper Homeopathic treatment.

*Homeopathy is also safe and effective while Breastfeeding! This is a helpful modality of healing for new Mothers, as it is completely safe while breastfeeding, and for babies and children.

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