Homeopathy is

made from plant, animal and mineral sources

Homeopathy is

a system of natural medicine

Homeopathy is

safe for children, babies and pregnant women

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  • Tina is very detail oriented and thorough during the interview process of a session with her. I feel that she really saw the core issues of my problem and I look forward to continued success with the remedy she chose for me.

    Elaine S. - Homeopathic Patient

  • Tina is a true Classical Homeopath who, not only has exceptional knowledge of Homeopathy, but is also fantastic at getting to the root on an issue. She is compassionate, intuitive and professional. I have, and would again, recommended her to others.

    Patti D. - Homeopathic Patient

  • Tina is a sensitive and thoughtful Homeopath with excellent training and insight into people and Homeopathy. I highly recommend her as a Homeopathic Practitioner.

    Patrick H. - Homeopathic Patient