New Patient Appointment

New Patient Appointment


New Homeopathic Comprehensive Evaluation

Chronic or Acute

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New Homeopathic Comprehensive Evaluation

Homeopathy for a chronic disease, i.e. Arthritis, Celiac disease, etc., will take approximately 2 hours.

Acute diseases, colds, flu, and the like, will usually be a shorter visit. During this visit, the concentration will be only on the issue at hand. Chronic symptoms will be put to the side and only those symptoms that have arisen at the time of the acute disease will be considered. Your symptoms will still need to be related to me as precisely, and with as much detail as possible. The physical exam is usually limited to those procedures necessary for that particular acute condition. Here again, lab tests or x-rays may be ordered as needed to clarify the condition.

Homeopathic practitioners are interested in knowing who you are on all levels. The practice of Homeopathy does not just compartmentalize physical conditions in a patient. Homeopathy goes beyond the physical being, and examines all aspects of the human condition, including emotional, mental and spiritual aspects that make you up as a person. It is therefore very important that in your consultation, I get as complete a picture as I can of you. All of the information gathered is vital to helping choose a remedy that is the best “match” for you. Here are some things to consider sharing during our first appointment:

  • How vital and energetic do you feel?
  • How does your sense of well-being change as a result of environmental or emotional factors?
  • How are you affected in general by temperature, weather, time of day, activity level, eating and sleeping?
  • What makes you feel better or worse?

In addition to information about your primary condition(s), as a Homeopathic practitioner, I need to know your overall assessment of your health, emotions, likes, dislikes etc., etc.

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