Homeopathic medicines can have a powerful effect when properly chosen and given at the correct time. Certain environmental factors may, however, prevent or hinder their action. Please read the following instructions carefully. Please note that all of the remedies have a labeled indication on the bottle of “Headaches.” This labeling is a requirement of the FDA, but does not indicate the condition for which you are being treated.

Taking Your Homeopathic Medicine

Taking your Homeopathic Medicine.

Taking the Medicine

  1. Avoid Touching the Medicine. Make sure that your hands are free of strong odors. Shake directly into your mouth, or use a disposable plastic spoon. The Homeopathic medicine should be taken sublingually or dissolved under the tongue.
  2. The Mouth Should be Substance Free. When taking the medicine, the mouth should be free from food, liquid, gum, toothpaste, mouthwash, etc. Avoid eating, drinking, or brushing your teeth for twenty minutes before and after taking the medicine. In acute situations, rinse your mouth very well with water if it is not possible to adhere to this.
  3. Protect the Medicine. Direct sunlight, heat over 110 degrees (such as a car in summer) and strong odors will often destroy a medicine before you even take it. Avoid wearing perfume when you take a medicine.
  4. Discard Spilled or Transferred Medicine. If, by accident, some of the medicine should spill from its container, do not return it to the container. Discard it. Do not transfer the medicine to other containers or bottles that have contained other substances. Do not reuse the containers when they are empty, as they may still carry medicinal properties.

Ways Homeopathic Medicines May be Antidoted

The everyday items on this list are antidotes that will cancel the effects of your Homeopathic Remedy and should be avoided.

  1. Coffee. Coffee may antidote Homeopathic medicine in certain sensitive people, occasionally, after only one cup. If you are particularity sensitive, please avoid it. Decaffeinated coffee will also antidote sensitive individuals. Please also avoid coffee flavored foods and drink (Kahlua, coffee ice cream, coffee yogurt etc.) Black tea, herb teas, Coca Cola and other caffeine containing substances generally will not antidote.
  2. Camphor:
    Homeopathic Remedy made according to the FDA Homeopathic Pharmacopia

    Homeopathic Remedy made according to the FDA Homeopathic Pharmacopia.

    Skin or mucous membrane application of camphor may antidote medicines. Avoid anything that has significant amounts of camphor, such as deep heat rubs, liniments, Vicks, Ben Gay, Tiger Balm, Carmex, Noxema products, some massage compounds, some cosmetics, many lip balms (Chapstick, Blistex etc.), some Chinese candies, most cough lozenges and others. Even though ingredients don’t specifically list camphor (ie lip balm) they often have camphor substances such as Mentholatum. Also avoid Tea Tree Oil, Eucalyptus, Listerine, and mothballs.

  3. Anything to Which You Are Particularly Sensitive: Avoid any food, chemical, or substance which you know causes severe reactions in your particular system–i.e., hives or skin eruptions after certain food, odors which make you faint, things which specifically cause asthma, etc. Moderate use of alcohol and tobacco does not generally interfere. However marijuana will usually antidote and cocaine will always antidote and should be avoided.
  4. Electric Blankets: Waterbed warmers and heating pads are OK and will not cause a problem.
  5. Routine Dental Work: Cleaning of the teeth is OK and does not cause problems. However the actual drilling, and perhaps the chemicals, used in dental work often will antidote Homeopathic medicines.
  6. Traditional Medicine: Traditional medicines are designed to remove specific symptoms without much regard to the person as a whole. This approach often leads to suppression of the symptoms and antidoting of the Homeopathic medicine. Please tell your practitioner about all drugs, strong herbs, diet pills, birth control pills, etc. that you are taking. Under no circumstances should you stop strong traditional medicines without first consulting your Homeopathic Practitioner. An occasional Tylenol or aspirin will not cause a problem.
  7. Skin Medicines: It is not uncommon for Homeopathic medicines to bring back old skin symptoms. Please do not use locally applied medicine of any kind, without first talking to your practitioner. This is especially true of topical steroids.
  8. Solvents: Avoid heavy, prolonged exposure to solvents or fumes especially if working in an enclosed space. Also avoid hair permanents.
  9. Tea Tree Oil: Tea tree oil, as well as Eucalyptus and Melaleuca oil will antidote.
  10. Immunizations: Immunizations may antidote remedies and disrupt the immune system. Please talk to your Homeopath before having an immunization.
  11. Diagnostic Tests: Blood work will not antidote. X-Rays, mammograms or ultrasounds can antidote and CT/MRI’s almost always antidote.
  12. Other Treatments: The balance of symptoms on all levels is a delicate one, and it can be easily upset. It is best not to mix acupuncture, polarity therapy, psychic healing and other energy plane manipulations with Homeopathy. Magnets can antidote.

Your prescription may be filled by at the PIHMA Medicinary at 602.228.1432, email: award@pihma.edu, or by a pharmacy or natural substance supplier of your choice.

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