Tina is very detail oriented and thorough during the interview process of a session with her. I feel that she really saw the core issues of my problem and I look forward to continued success with the remedy she chose for me.

Elaine S. - Homeopathic Patient

Tina is a true Classical Homeopath who, not only has exceptional knowledge of Homeopathy, but is also fantastic at getting to the root on an issue. She is compassionate, intuitive and professional. I have, and would again, recommended her to others.

Patti D. - Homeopathic Patient

Tina is a sensitive and thoughtful Homeopath with excellent training and insight into people and Homeopathy. I highly recommend her as a Homeopathic Practitioner.

Patrick H. - Homeopathic Patient

I was in horrible pain when first finding Tina and she got me out of immediate pain and got it under control and helped some things with my psyche that took years and was done in days. Loved talking with her. Tina was a blessing and did get me out of the immediate pain I was in that doctors couldn’t do. Thanks Tina!

Kim H - Homeopathic Patient

TRUST…. this big word deserves all caps. It’s takes years & experiences to build healthy, trusting relationships. Six years ago I met Tina and entrusted her to help my son with some anxiety issues. Within these 6 years our whole family has come under her care. As her patient my appreciation of her nurture & skill has built a good foundation of trust. She is highly recommended and may I be bold enough to even say loved. (!)

Jennifer W. - Homeopathic Patient

I worked with Tina for about three years concerning some health issues I had. She not only helped me through the Homeopathic remedies that she recommended, but I also developed a strong, trusting relationship with her. For the most part our appointments were by phone, but she never rushed me and always took time to ask about my health, my well being and my life in general. I highly recommend her.

Mary Anne D. - Homeopathic Patient

Tina has helped me to function again! She is caring and takes the time to really understand me and therefore is able to help me through all that I have gone through. She sees my son with Autism and also my husband. We have had great results with them as well. I have also referred my best friend to her. What greater compliment can I give, then to have her see my family and best friend? I am grateful for her services.

Cindy O. - Homeopathic Patient

Tina is an awesome listener, she helped me work through a lot of mental blocks in my life. She also helped my children through illness and wellness. I would recommend Tina to anyone searching for alternative measures for their health.

Christine D. - Homeopathic Patient

I have been working with Tina for over a year and a half. What a ride! But, the results are indisputable. Thank you, Tina!

Elizabeth E. - Homeopathic Patient

When my son was 5 ½ months old we brought him to see Tina for treatment of his eczema. His skin condition developed when he was about two months old and was getting progressively worse in spite of the many different treatments we had tried to alleviate it. The Homeopathic remedy that Tina prescribed for him has literally worked wonders! He is now 16 months old and his cheeks are as smooth and beautiful as a baby’s should be!

Tina’s approach was very comprehensive and methodical and throughout my son’s treatment she was always available to discuss questions and concerns. I am so grateful that we found a Homeopath that is so knowledgeable as well as very caring and supportive. I intend to continue seeing Tina in the future should any health concerns arise for my family or myself and I have already recommended her to a number of my friends.

Susan G. - Homeopathic Patient

Tina has opened a whole new world for myself and my family. Her insight into the field of Homeopathy and human nature combined with her thorough approach and passion for her work make her an incredible practitioner.

She is wonderful with my children. My two year old son, an incredibly loving but very high energy, ADHD symptomatic child, has his feet back on the ground after taking the remedy Tina so appropriately chose for him. And her careful observation and appreciation of him as a person in their sessions together allowed my son to present himself for who he really is. Her assessment of my infant is also spot on.

I, myself came to Tina initially for prenatal fatigue and discovered an increased capacity for spiritual transformation as a result. I have already learned more than I knew was possible within the Homeopathic process.

I am very thankful to be working with Tina at this point in me and my sons’ journeys and recommend her highly.

Tara H. - Homeopathic Patient

Tina is a wonderful and knowledgeable Homeopath. Her compassionate and caring personality is matched only by her skill in Classical Homeopathy. My whole family has used Homeopathy with incredible results; my son doesn’t need a daily inhaler for his asthma. My daughter is no longer lethargic and bothered by stomach pains. My lifelong illnesses are finally under control and I am still continuing to get better, far beyond what I had ever hoped for.

Debi C. - Homeopathic Patient

Tina has been supervising my mental, emotional and physical health for more than a year. Tina is a caring, knowledgeable and intuitive practitioner. The remedy Tina prescribes for me has been instrumental in clearing old issues (both physical and psychological) as well as helping me improve my life style with healthier choices, moving forward in all life situations. Two of my adult children started seeing Tina when I did, and continue to make and keep appointments. They, too see subtle yet profound results. I have and will continue to highly recommend Tina for her finely tuned skills and thorough professionalism.

Lynne B. - Homeopathic Patient

I chose to practice Homeopathy for its natural approach to healing. It is gentle, and does not cause unnatural side effects. Homeopathy helps the body heal itself; balancing mind, body and spirit in a way that conventional medicine cannot. With the strength I have gained from Homeopathy, I have made positive changes in my life, changes that I may have been reluctant to make without this supportive healing process.

Aimee Z. - Homeopathic Patient