Are Covid-19 Vaccines Safe?

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I have received numerous calls over the past few months from concerned clients, former clients, friends and relatives, since the COVID vaccines have become available. Many had questions about the safety of these vaccines, and whether I would recommend they take it. It turns out there is no simple answer. In this blog I will try to answer their questions. Now that several COVID vaccines have been rolled out, it behooves us to examine whether these vaccines are safe. The short answer to their question is, NO, these vaccines are only approved as experimental vaccines, and have not been determined to be safe. I have reviewed the research on the safety record of these experimental vaccines so far and found that the evidence shows that the COVID vaccines are harmful and can sometimes even be deadly. DO NOT TAKE THEM.

Doctors are told the exact opposite, that the COVID vaccines are 100% safe and 95% effective. Apparently the truth no longer matters in medical education. Medical institutions have become advertising agencies for Big Pharma—the medical-industrial complex of drug peddling organizations.

No vaccine has ever been proven perfectly safe and effective. In my book on Homeopathic Immunizations, I present a safe method of immunization, its history, scientific research and practice—Homeopathic prophylaxis. I also invite my readers to take a good look at the history of vaccination. My readers will learn that, from the first vaccine on, the biggest problem has always been the potential harm and the dangers from the vaccines. For example, smallpox vaccine caused an increase in the number of smallpox cases. Read all about it in my book, when it will be released by Emryss. You will learn that the tetanus vaccine caused tetanus, when it was first rolled out. And the polio vaccine caused epidemics of polio, and remains the only cause of polio cases in the United States today. You will also learn that the Homeopathic alternative for immunization against infectious diseases has been proven very safe and highly effective.

Why are COVID vaccines dangerous? Firstly, the COVID vaccines are still experimental. No long-term safety studies in humans have been conducted so far.  Secondly, at least two of the vaccines—Pfizer and Moderna—use the new mRNA technology, meaning they will trigger your body to grow spike proteins. Spike proteins are toxic. Once in your cells, these spike proteins can cause toxic or autoimmune reactions, meaning your immune system will begin to destroy the cells, in which it encounters these proteins. If it occurs in a vital organ, like the heart or lung or liver or kidneys, it will destroy these organs, and you can die from organ failure.

However, I would rather let you hear this from the medical experts. Please watch the following videos:

In the following interview a world-renowned doctor explains what you need to know:

In a new Pfizer study, four fifths of all vaccinated children aged 12 and over complained of side effects:

A French medical doctor recently expressed concern about increasing mortality from the vaccines:

Nobel Prize for medicine winner Luc Montagnier (1932–2022) considered the COVID vaccines “an enormous mistake, …a scientific error as well as a medical error. It is an unacceptable mistake…”

Dr Michael Yaedon, a former vice president of Pfizer, and a medical scientist, warned about the dangers of the experimental mRNA vaccines.

Some medical professionals have concerns that the COVID vaccine is an agenda to genetically modify humans. There is no doubt, says Dr. Kaufman, that this is happening, and he continues to speak out, even though the mainstream media have repeatedly tried to silence him.

But even if you avoid the vaccine altogether, you may be at risk. A celebrated gynecologist is telling the truth about COVID vaccine adverse reactions, giving new details on COVID vaccine shedding /transmission, especially among women, in an interview with Mike Adams:

She asks why a Pfizer vaccine study (page 67) warns that men should not impregnate women for seven weeks and women should not get pregnant for seven weeks after getting the vaccine. The study implies that the manufacturing company knows that the vaccine can be transmitted via skin contact or sexual fluids.

A study by the prestigious Salk institute published in Circulation Research found that spike proteins have caused much damage to the cardiovascular system. These are the same spike proteins that are transmitted from vaccinated persons to their loved ones via still unknown pathways.

In the past two weeks, a top immunologist and ‘pro-vaccine’ scientist, Doctor Byram Bidle, issued the following warning on the spike protein:

Since this video appeared on YouTube, it was hastily removed. Is You Tube afraid we might find out what the scientists are thinking?

As if all of this were not enough, a whistleblower doctor tells the health ranger that the vaccines contain exotic nanotech for tracking and bio-control:

Clearly much is still not known about these vaccines!

And it seems much has been kept secret even from medical doctors. At this point many healing professionals are looking for answers on how to counteract the risk of vaccine damage.

One of the suggestions to counter the effects of spike proteins I have encountered has been a natural tea prepared from pine needles, containing natural shikimic acid, suramin, pigments and various terpenes, to antidote some the adverse health effects.

Since this article appeared, a study has found that dandelion extract of Homeopathic Taraxacum tincture is effective also.

There are many Homeopathic remedies being used to treat effects from the Covid-19 vaccine. There are pharmacodes (Homeopathic remedies made from the pharmaceutical agent) as well as nosodes (Homeopathic remedies made from the disease itself), as well as the tried and true method of matching your individual symptoms with a specific Homeopathic remedy.

-Tina Louse Buie, CH, IBCLC

I have multiple reports from persons who felt sick after taking the COVID vaccine or after being exposed to somebody who took it, felt dramatically better after taking the pharmacode in Homeopathic potency. However, not enough is known so far about the vaccines’ long-term effects, what they are, and whether these can be prevented or counteracted with any therapy.

In summary, it appears that more and more medical scientists are alarmed over the COVID vaccines’ adverse effects and their relatively high mortality. The European Injury Reporting System shows hundreds of thousands adverse events and deaths following COVID vaccines.

The US Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) showed analogous numbers for the US.

Many medical professionals warn that taking the vaccines it not worth the risk, and some even warn against becoming contaminated with the spike proteins from the vaccinated.

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