Tina has opened a whole new world for myself and my family. Her insight into the field of Homeopathy and human nature combined with her thorough approach and passion for her work make her an incredible practitioner.

She is wonderful with my children. My two year old son, an incredibly loving but very high energy, ADHD symptomatic child, has his feet back on the ground after taking the remedy Tina so appropriately chose for him. And her careful observation and appreciation of him as a person in their sessions together allowed my son to present himself for who he really is. Her assessment of my infant is also spot on.

I, myself came to Tina initially for prenatal fatigue and discovered an increased capacity for spiritual transformation as a result. I have already learned more than I knew was possible within the Homeopathic process.

I am very thankful to be working with Tina at this point in me and my sons’ journeys and recommend her highly.

Tara H. - Homeopathic Patient