Homeopathic First Aid for Hurricane

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Here are a few key Homeopathic remedies to have on hand to help you through any bad storm or hurricane.

The Basics: Rescue Remedy | Arnica

These two little remedies will see you through a lot of hurricane stressors. You can purchase them everywhere including your local CVS/Walgreens, Whole foods, Sprouts, New Season, etc.

Rescue Remedy (in spray, drops or lozenges form) is brilliantly helpful and calming for pets, kids and grown ups who are anxious or fearful at any time for any reason. Use as often as you’d like, you can put a few drops in every drink (or your pets water bowl) for as long as it’s needed.

Arnica will help with any injuries—bangs, bumps, bruises before, during or after the storm. It also helps with aching after any kind of exertion/heavy lifting, again, before (preparing) or after (clearing up). Take a few doses here, or there backing off, as it helps and repeating it as needed.

Beyond the Basics: Aconite | Arsenicum | Gelsemium | Ignatia | Phosphorus

These are for some of the common emotional stressors that accompany a bad storm or hurricane If you have a first aid kit these are included. If you don’t have a kit they are available at any store that has a range of Homeopathic remedies. I suggest 30C for all remedies including Arnica. Take a few doses of the best indicated remedy backing off as the remedy helps and repeating it as needed. Switch to another remedy after 3-6 doses if it doesn’t help.

For those who are tremendously anxious leading up to the storm. Gelsemium becomes anxious and exhausted and can’t think. Wants to lie down and close their eyes.

Before the storm Arsenicum is anxious and restless and has to tidy up and can’t think until everything is clean and in its place.

Aconite is for those who become fearful and/or panicky (before during or after the storm)—and especially if they are afraid of dying (it doesn’t matter if the fear is rational or not). For people in shock after the storm this is a great remedy.

Phosphorus is for everyone but especially for kids and pets who become frightened during the storm itself—who are terrified of the noises and cannot be alone.

Ignatia is also for shock and those who become emotionally upset or even distraught after the storm—especially if they lose something important (it doesn’t matter what it is).

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-Miranda Castro

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